WraySites | Plans for hosting your website or blog

Let’s talk dollars and sense.

The good sense of having a WraySite, that is.

Less than
a dollar a day.

It’s a sweet deal: all this
for daily snacks money.
$ 29 Monthly
with monthly plan
  • High-performance speed/infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Free updates on request

Settle in,
save more.

You know you need a WraySite,
so make your deal even sweeter.
$ 24
Monthly equivalent
with annual plan
  • All Monthly Plan features plus . . .
  • TWO FREE MONTHS per year
  • FREE DOMAIN RENEWAL when needed

Startup, site migration,
and cleanup.

When you’re getting started with us . . .

  • We’ll build your WraySite from the ground up for just $99.
  • If we’re migrating an existing site, we’ll do that for an additional $99.
  • If we’re repairing an existing hacked site, we charge an additional $149.

Also included with each WraySite:

  • Domain name server (DNS) record changes, when/as needed. In plain language, we’ll handle all the nitty-gritty of making sure north Texas — and the rest of the world — can find your new WraySite.
  • Domain registration assistance, if you don’t already own a Web domain. We’ll also help you find an available name that won’t be too long but will highlight your business properly — and even register it at-cost for whatever time period you specify.

Your own WraySite,
safe and secure.

Each WraySite includes all of the following:

  • High-performance NginX-based hosting.
  • Content changes, as needed — Want to change a menu or a price list? Want to add a photo or a video? Just email it to us and we’ll handle it within one business day.
  • 24×7 security and uptime monitoring — Mind you, the hosting infrastructure is ultra-redundant and ultra-secure, but we’ll still watch it for you.

*   Decide you’re unsatisfied? You can leave when you wish (just notify us). We’ll even give you a pro rata refund for the unused time remaining. We intend to earn your continued business by treating you well, not compel it by tying up your money.

Get paid for kind words.
Save by referring us.

We hope you’ll appreciate our services so much that you’ll tell others. In fact, we’ll pay you a finder’s fee equivalent to a month’s free service — however much that is for your particular situation — every time a business you referred gets its own WraySite and stays with us for at least six consecutive months.

(Of course, this doesn’t apply to an additional business that you also own. We’re playing fair-and-square, and we hope you will, too.)

OK, yeah, there’s a little fine print.

All pricing shown is for small-business websites that can fit on one or two pages at most. (Don’t worry if you currently have an old-style site that’s spread out across a bunch of pages and doesn’t work well with smartphones. We’ll make it a quick-swipin’ slick-viewin’ pleasure, like all the cool kids’ sites are nowadays.)

But . . .
. . . WraySites also creates and maintains corporate-level Web presences, with even more impressive performance specs, using a different price structure that fairly accounts for the additional resources and time required by such sites. To find out about how we can build a corporate-class WraySite for your organization, please contact us.