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That’s all it takes to have a modern, smartphone-friendly, high-performance website for your business.
We build and manage it so you don’t have to.

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Why your business needs a WraySite.

Time really is money.

Every minute you spend tweaking the website is a minute you’re not taking care of your customers, not thinking about ways to stay ahead of the competition, and just plain not taking care of business.

DIY? Not really.

If you’ve played with those supposedly free do-it-yourself website creation sites, you’ve probably found — as most eventually do — that it’s not really that easy. Sooner or later, you have to get under the hood to fix something. Do you really want to spend time coding, or making sure one feature isn’t incompatible with another, or...? Well, you get the idea.

Bad stuff happens.

Some “script kiddy,” scouring the Web for vulnerable sites, can hack or even kill your site. Once that happens, you quickly get dinged on Web search. So, to avoid this pain, you must monitor your site 24×7 for threats. Do you really have the time, especially if you’ve already been hacked?

So . . . what’s the difference between an ordinary site and a WraySite?

Skip the hassles.

We take care of everything — domain registration (if you need it), hosting, layout, design, content help, security, and more. We make sure your site is as easy to read on a smartphone as on a big honkin’ computer monitor. Your WraySite will be a website you’ll be proud for your customers and prospects to see. You just won’t have the behind-the-scenes hassles that make it possible.

A quieter street.

Your website is too important to be crammed onto the same overloaded server with thousands of other sites — and suffering the poor performance that goes with such overcrowding. So your WraySite “lives” on a virtual private server (VPS) all by itself. It’s like moving from a noisy apartment complex to a condo with very, very thick walls, your own garage, and great privacy fences.

Safety first.

Your WraySite is safe within a state-of-the-art data center. It’s monitored 24×7 to make sure it stays online and safe from hackers’ nastiness, various performance-robbing bugs, and other things that go bump in the night for websites. And, because CloudFlare is part of the package, the world still sees your site even during the very rare outage.

We’ve got this.

Each WraySite is an ongoing labor of love by an old pro who has done this stuff on the corporate level since the 1990s — and has been in marketing and advertising since the 1980s.

It’s just plain good business to have a WraySite.

Rest easy.

What do you get when you have your own WraySite? A truly professional, soundly hosted site with smart maintenance, 24×7 monitoring, and other benefits you’ll wonder how you did without before. You even can leave us, hassle-free, at any time. (We’ll do our best to make sure you won’t want to do that, but you always retain that freedom.)

You get what you pay for.

After initial setup (including migration, if you already have a website), your business can have all the advantages of its own WraySite for about a dollar a day. Or less! (See details.)